Chiropractic Digital X-Rays Warrenton, Missouri
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Chiropractic Digital X-Rays Warrenton, MO

Many people don’t like the thought of getting their x-rays taken during their health appointments. The idea of being exposed to radiation (however minimal) and the somewhat scary equipment used for the same can be daunting for most people.

X-rays are a critical component of the diagnosis of a condition. As such, we cannot afford to do away with them. Thankfully, technological advancements have made it easier for patients to undergo a safer and hassle-free form of radiography: digital x-rays.

Digital x-rays are taken using a sensor that projects a radiographic image onto a monitor.

Here at Cornerstone Chiropractic, we have invested in top-of-the-range digital radiography technology to provide superior services to residents of Warrenton, Missouri, and beyond.

When Do You Need X-rays?

Many of our routine chiropractic treatments don’t require x-rays. However, our chiropractor in Warrenton, Missouri, may decide to take x-rays if your unique case necessitates the same. Below are examples of instances when you may need x-rays during your appointment:

  • If the chiropractor determines that you’ve suffered a traumatic injury that qualifies as being significant. Such injuries include a joint dislocation or a broken bone.
  • If our chiropractor determines that you’re showing signs of an infection, you may have to get an x-ray.
  • If during your examination, the chiropractor determines that you may be showing symptoms that are indicative of an underlying disease such as cancer or a tumor.
  • Chiropractic x-rays are taken for anyone above the age of 65.
  • You have chronic pain that has yet to respond to past treatments.
  • You’re above the age of 50 and have suffered an injury, including minor injuries.
  • You have osteoporosis or are at high-risk for the same.

If any of these statements apply, our chiropractor will need to take digital x-rays of you. The x-rays will allow us to get a more in-depth look inside your affected areas to arrive at an accurate diagnosis.

Benefits of Digital X-rays

Digital x-rays in Warrenton, Missouri, have various benefits, including:

  • They expose patients to significantly less radiation compared to conventional x-rays.
  • Digital x-rays are of better quality in comparison to traditional x-rays. As a result, digital x-rays play a massive role in enabling a chiropractor to provide highly personalized and effective treatment.
  • Digital x-rays are friendlier to the environment. We don’t need film or storage rooms for digital x-rays, which eliminates wastes and excesses.
  • Thanks to digital x-rays, collaboration is faster and easier. If we need to refer you to a specialist doctor for further treatment, we’ll easily share your x-rays with this health professional.

Are you hoping to get digital x-rays near you in an environment that is both safe and welcoming? Call Cornerstone Chiropractic today to book your appointment.

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